2016: The time is now

.GOP staff Blog

With the launch of our latest site: www.2016.gop we thought it would be helpful to discuss the domain landscape ahead of the presidential primary. The best domain names are short, easy to remember and keyword-rich. With these ingredients, you’re covered in two ways 1) people will easily remember and associate your site to directly type it into their broswers 2) should …

.GOP staff2016: The time is now

The FIRST 2016 straw poll in Spanish

.GOP staff Blog

Today, we could not be more excited to launch the first presidential straw poll for the 2016 election in Spanish – presidente2016.gop. It’s the FIRST one, from either Party, geared to a Spanish-speaking audience! Here at .gop we have taken the lessons of The Growth and Opportunity Project and are dedicated to making the Republican Party more accessible to those who …

.GOP staffThe FIRST 2016 straw poll in Spanish