RSLC, CRNC, and New GOP Release Study on Millennial Perception of the GOP

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RSLC, CRNC, and New GOP Release Study on Millennial Perception of the GOP

Today, the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC), in partnership with the College Republican National Committee (CRNC) and NewRepublican, released a study entitled “Growing Up GOP: Fresh Ideas from the Fresh Faces of the Republican Party.” The study, available on, details for candidates and party leaders more about the Millennial Generation and how to effectively engage young voters.

Growing Up GOP was conducted because of the fact that Millennials do and will continue to play a crucial role in the future of our Party’s growth and success,” said RSLC President Matt Walter. “The findings in this report indicate that young voters overwhelmingly support conservative solutions that drive openness, disruption, and create choice—but while our ideas resonate with Millennials, our messaging too often does not. Millennials want viable and compassionate solutions—not simply a message of reassurance. As the leading organization that prioritizes building the Republican bench for generations to come, the findings in this report will be critical in helping our candidates discuss their ideas—ideas that this sector of the American electorate already embrace—in new, fresh, appealing ways.”

Produced in collaboration with Kristen Solstis Anderson’s Echelon Insights, the website utilizes a .gop domain as the home for “Growing Up GOP.” The partnership is further evidence of the GOP’s ever-growing ability to lead in new, innovative branding strategies online. 

Learn more about our findings in “Growing Up GOP: Fresh Ideas from the Fresh Faces of the Republican Party” by visiting

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.GOP staffRSLC, CRNC, and New GOP Release Study on Millennial Perception of the GOP