Using .gop for E-mail Addresses

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Most people think of domains as websites or blogs but in fact all email addresses are also rooted in domain names. In today’s world, there are few things that are used on a daily basis more than e-mail addresses as unique identifiers. They’re the things people remember you by when communicating. Also, when meeting someone new, it’s the thing he …

.GOP staffUsing .gop for E-mail Addresses

2016: The time is now

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With the launch of our latest site: we thought it would be helpful to discuss the domain landscape ahead of the presidential primary. The best domain names are short, easy to remember and keyword-rich. With these ingredients, you’re covered in two ways 1) people will easily remember and associate your site to directly type it into their broswers 2) should …

.GOP staff2016: The time is now

The FIRST 2016 straw poll in Spanish

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Today, we could not be more excited to launch the first presidential straw poll for the 2016 election in Spanish – It’s the FIRST one, from either Party, geared to a Spanish-speaking audience! Here at .gop we have taken the lessons of The Growth and Opportunity Project and are dedicated to making the Republican Party more accessible to those who …

.GOP staffThe FIRST 2016 straw poll in Spanish

The Top 10 Stories in GOP Digital in 2014

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Republican successes were well-documented this past year; dozens of stories highlighted improved campaign tactics across the country.  But since .gop is the Republican Party’s domain, the stories about digital efforts struck close to home and that’s why we’re proud to present: Top 10 in 2014   10) Digital is front and center in one of the biggest surprises on election night! …

.GOP staffThe Top 10 Stories in GOP Digital in 2014

BLOG: Our new site!

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2014 was a banner year for the GOP in the midterm elections but it was also a breakthrough year for GOP digital. The Party closed the digital gap thanks in part to tools like, and alongside the efforts of super talented consultants and committees across the country. We launched the .gop domain in July as part of …

newgopBLOG: Our new site!